Nood Fashion

Opus Carpets commissioned Tricycle to reposition their company by rebranding them and dematerializing their sampling process.

We changed their name from Opus to Nood, a dutch word pronounced "node" which means "need". It is an English double entendre and an ideal name for a company espousing transparency and a minimal environmental footprint. The graphic identity was inspired by global street fashion, emphasizing the roots of cultural trends (see this applied to the web here). There's a interesting process story behind the creation of their logotype that is worthy of conversation with me or Ben Horner, Design Director at Tricycle at the time. (1 beer = 1 story)

They put our plan into action when they developed products for their public launch at NeoCon 2006 and tufted only 700 square yards of carpet to develop and display over 40 patterns. This feat was accomplished by using our simulations (Tryk) to visualize design prototypes during development, displaying simulated carpet and acquiring orders through a custom web platform.

Their sampling process is entirely dematerialized, on principle — it's the way we designed it. The philosophy is only to use eco-best practices, rather than just making them programmatic (like a Prius). Their reps display products as Tryk on iPods. Their sample folder is not a sample folder at all, but a sticker and a few Tryks in a package I named "The Parasitic Binder"… the kit encourages designers to find an old 3 ring binder and adhere a Nood label to it, then clip spec and warranty sheets inside; finally they can order Tryks to make their own customized sample book.

Nood's brand brochure, "Brave Nood World", serves double duty as a manifesto. The booklet is designed with French folds that are perforated on the crease. Tearing them open reveals more in depth information from the spread. Brave Nood World was named by Step as one of the top 100 graphic designs of 2007 and was also selected for the 2008 Type Directors Club annual. Check out the interactive version of the book by clicking on the thumbnail at left.