Thumbing: blaming devices instead of ourselves

Remember when "thumbing" meant you were acting like Fonzi or hitchhiking? If you own a smart phone you might be tempted to add a postscript to all of your messages to excuse your poor typing. Don't. Spend the extra minute re-reading your note. I swear you'll sound smarter.

Here is a sampling of disclaimers I've had land in my inbox recently:
  • Warning: Phone keyboards cause typos.
  • typed on a phone
  • Sent on-the-go
  • Thumbed on a phone
  • two thumbs on a tiny keyboard
  • Typed on an exasperatingly small keyboard
  • sent while mobile
  • Typed on a phone with British spell check
  • sent from big thumbs on a small phone
FYI, Typed on a flat surface with short stroke depths and no carriage returns...