Do You Like to Rock?

If you know me, you know I do - sincerely. I love the wash of overdriven guitars flowing through a room, the invisible punch of a kick drum in a club, the way a strong bass line bobs heads uncontrollably. At one time I had a worm of ambition twisting in me to pursue a rock career. I played with friends in basements and garages for years until I finally had enough guts to put together a band we called Flannery— and to get out and play. We had our local fame and after a few years I put it to rest.

Flannery circa 2000 (L-R: Brian Woodlief, me, Greg Bagby, Jake Langston)

 Flannery T-shirt - I still sleep in mine.

Since 2001 I've written and recorded songs on and off that span a stylistic bridge from electronica to shoegaze. I used to have these posted with a service called Virb but recently let that lapse due to increase in hosting cost. So I'm bringing a sampling of the work here, from 1998 to today, under various names. I'm currently working on a new group of songs about espionage. It's down to the drums and final mixing so I expect to finish in the summer of 2011.

Southern Cal Pop - Flannery, "Displaced in Nowhere EP", 2000
March of the Bull - Flannery, "How to Destroy the World EP", 2001
Longing for the Golden Heart - R.M. Hendrix, 2007
Joy Sets In - R.M. Hendrix, 2007
The Infamous Mrs. Noe - R.M. Hendrix, 2007

And if that's not enough rock for you check out some photos from recent shows I've seen in Cambridge at the Middle East:

School of Seven Bells