Goodbye Coffee

Love this quote from Mike Peck, the Senior Design Manager at SBUX when talking about the new logo:
The logo, or mark, is just a small part of the expression… We’ve looked at the brand top to bottom. We actually started with the business case and before we even went to design we looked at the words that described Starbucks of today and tomorrow.
It's a common mistake to look at refreshes like this and consider them aesthetic exercises. The back stories are equally important and are more significant to the organization than to the consumer. Did we really care when Apple dropped "Computer" from their name? I don't think so. But as a revelation of corporate strategy it was historic. Same here.

The quiet intent is to use the brand as a springboard of new opportunity and ideas. Conventional brand management misses this point. Rather than acting as police and defenders of the brand, we are the enablers, the stewards, the fuel to growth. Good brand management is brand empowerment.

Can't wait to hear the back story.