As seen on TV, Kickstarter and Bandcamp

David Kelley and IDEO were featured in the January 6 edition of 60 Minutes. The segment pays a well-deserved tribute to David and all that he's accomplished. Of course, my highlights have to center around the Bostonians in the B-Reel. Matt Brown and David Goligorsky went to the Bay Area to participate in the filming. While their project ultimately had to be cut from the broadcast due to time constraints you can still catch a few snippets of them. 
The World's Thinnest Watch
Two of my colleagues at IDEO Chicago launched "the world's thinnest watch" at CES last week. They also launched a Kickstarter and are nearing a million dollars!  The innovative design features an E-Ink screen (the same technology in Amazon's Kindle) laminated to a flexible stainless steel band.
That Other Hendrix
On a personal note, two of my songs released in 2012 made some year end lists in Boston and New York. If you're into noisy pop music like Sonic Youth  then you might enjoy them. Otherwise you might feel similarly to this unsuspecting listener who said, "I feel that there was a prank going on because this could not have been music." At least he was honest.