Brand New IDEO

I'm excited to share a live experiment we at IDEO are launching on Monday called, Brand New IDEO. A few months ago we began discussing the changing nature of our business and where we might go in the next 20 years— a daunting topic for sure. This lead to inspiring questions like "What does the IDEO brand mean today... in the US, EU, Asia? How might we express a global mission and local character simultaneously? How might we move from a monolithic representation of ourselves to a diverse, yet consistent one? Can our identity communicate intent, not just presence?"
We decided the best way to explore these questions was to design toward strategy. Instead of making uncertain proclamations about who we will become, we are embracing certain change as our future state. This Monday we are conducting a global make-a-thon. Using our graphic identity as a strategic medium, we are exploring adaptability to multi-channel experiences, signals of experimentation & learning vs. authority & thought leadership, cultural adaptability and personalization.
Core77 is covering the process from beginning to end here.