Urban Turks Country Jerks

I've been working on my new album for the last 18 months and so have finally gotten to the artwork too. It's an album of contrasts, rooted in a rural vs urban vibe. After several rounds of concepts I ended up here, contrasting bone and metal, silver and gold. Below is a series from the shoot I did at home. Each of these are featured in the album art.

I also explored a lot of hand painted type contrasted with Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed. While the character of each was interesting, I chose the blockier version for the final art because it had a more urban vibe.

"The one I love."

The record will be available in April. There is still a bit of mixing to do and then mastering will take a while. Urban Turks Country Jerks will fit in a playlist with Deerhunter, Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth.